Mylene Chamblain

The Blues of a Western Girl

Initially inspired by Country and Folk music, Mylene Chamblain has been writing and composing her music since the age of 14.

Born in France, living in Belgium for years, Mylene Chamblain is an artist committed to the universal language of music and doesn’t like to set limits or boundaries, not hesitating to take the road, to evolve musically, to move forward, to grow, to build her musical but also private life.

Throughout her career, she has let herself be carried away by the sounds and colors that inspire her lyrics and music, without classifying herself in one category of music rather than another, while keeping this strong link that attaches her to the Blues, Folk and Rock of the 70’s with acoustic and electric guitars, slide guitar sounds and roots sounds blues of the early black americans of the 19th century.

Mylene Chamblain is particularly touched by gospel, blues, soul and rock voices and naturally shapes her own voice through her compositions.

She is an artist categorized as a female rock, soul and blues singer-songwriter such as Susan Tedeschi, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, Tift Merrit, Tracy Chapman and some say she’s reminiscent of Alanis Morrissette and most often of Sheryl Crow but Mylene has a real musical signature that’s very appreciated and recognized by the public and medias.

After 25 years spent developing her musical career, with as little conditioning as possible in a society where she does not always find her place, Mylene was noticed by the public and music professionals in 2022, after the launch of her latest EP and the organization of new concerts.

Relying on her experiences, her inner strength, her sensitivity, her intuition too, her musical encounters, her difficulties and today thanks to a more fulfilled private life, Mylene Chamblain has forged her own musical identity and comes back from her last years, more anchored, taking a clear turn towards a more American and Blues-Rock music.

Mylene defines herself today as being like her music, firmer and softer at the same time. Indeed, her music has solidified over the years, despite an authenticity that’s always present, a real soul that has always been able to express itself in her songs.

There has been a real change and evolution in the sound of Mylene’s voice between her first album HOLD FAST (released in 2004), with country & folk feel, and her latest EP BODY & SOUL (released in 2021), which is much more Americana and Californian blues-rock.

After more than 10 years of private life, Mylene has kept the benefits of her stage experience (she has crossed borders with concerts in the United States, Lithuania, England, France and now in Belgium).
Her latest EP “Body & Soul” marks her return to the stage but also her accomplishment as a woman, mother and musician.

In 2018, Mylene reappeared with her personal project while remaining discreet during the realization of her project but the meeting with Julie Compagnon, Raphael Pire and Christophe Pons led her to collaborate, in parallel to her project, with the compositions (lyrics and music) of the Belgian band, PLAIN JANE formed in 2019.

Together, they are recording Plain Jane’s first EP, which will be released in December 2019 and the band will be represented by Julie Compagnon, Olivier Fanuel and Christophe Pons during Plain Jane’s participation in the famous SXSW festival in Texas in 2022.

In 2020, during the lockdown, Mylene Chamblain took the time to realize her EP “Body & Soul” in collaboration with the orchestrator, Cyril Orcel (Arpegia Music) who discovered her on the networks and contacted her to realize the orchestration of her tracks. They spent several months orchestrating and arranging the entire EP together, which was finally released in January 2021, even if Mylene wished to wait for a better moment to share it with the professionals at the time of its release.

In 2022 Mylene sent a press release and the national radio station Classic 21 directly broadcast the track “Wise and Fool” in March 2022, followed by “Something Instead” in September 2022. Mylene Chamblain is then invited in Marie-Amélie Mastin’s show “Lunch Around The Clock” and starts a concert tour in Belgium with the support of the booking agency “Rock Nation Agency”.

After a nice meeting with Ghalia Volt, BJ Scott and Little Big Sister at the Spoonful of Blues in Lessines in 2023, the 1st part of the Scottish band Big Country, it’s at the 2nd Festival Classic 21 at the Country Hall in Liège that we will be able to see her live with Boogie Beasts, Ghalia Volt, Sharko and the internationally renowned Belgian band, K’S Choice.

A new single will also be announced soon.