Singer-Songwriter since 1994, inspired by Country & Folk Music first, her music is now more inspired by Americana and Blues-Rock. A very personal style has grown up over the years, carried by the roots & vintage sounds, authentic rock-folk sounds of the 70’s and the first black American blues of the 19th century.

Born in France and based in Belgium for over 18 years, Mylene L. Chamblain is an artist unconditionally dedicated to the universal language of music and specifically inspired by the roots of the Blues.

After 25 years of developing her universe, of being conditioned as little as possible in a society that she does not understand, her determination, the many musical meetings and a more fulfilling private life, she takes a certain turn towards the Blues-Rock style music and forsakes the country & folk style, like a maturity and a anchoring which affirms a more pronounced musical identity.

A perseverance and an affirmation which can be heard by comparing the spirit of her first full album “Hold Fast” (with the kind participation of Bernard Sellam and Stephan Bertolino from AWEK blues band) and her latest EP “Body & Soul”. 

Mylene L. Chamblain is an artist who has been discreet for several years, not much on the front of the stage and not much in media but she has nevertheless an interesting and very rich musical career as a author & compositor.

Devoted to her private life during a 10 years break, she has nevertheless an international stage experience (USA, Lithuania, England, France, Belgium).

She comes back in 2018 with her personal project but the meeting with Julie Compagnon, Raphael Pire and Christophe Pons led her in 2019 to collaborate, in parallel to her project, on the compositions (lyrics and music) of the Belgian band, PLAIN JANE, since its creation.

They record the 1st EP of Plain Jane which is released in December 2019 and will notably participate in the famous SXSW festival in Texas in 2022.

In 2020, during the lockdown, Mylene L. Chamblain takes the time to produce her EP “Body & Soul” in collaboration with the Ochestrator, Cyril Orcel (Arpegia Music) released in January 2021.

After a successful live session on Classic 21 (Belgian National Radio) and the release of her single “Something Instead” in 2022, Mylene L. Chamblain started a concert tour in Belgium with the support of Classic 21 and the booking agency “Rock Nation Agency”.

Mylene L. Chamblain participated to the Spoonful of Blues part II in Lessines with BJ Scott, Ghalia Volt and Little Big Sister and in march 2023, supported the opening act for the Scottish band, BIG COUNTRY.

A next single is soon to be released, certainly announced in May 2023.