Mylène L. Chamblain propose tout au long de l'année 2020 un répertoire de style Country, Folk, Rock & Blues et une musique principalement originale (avec quelques titres fétiches de Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeschi ou des Rolling Stones) pour des concerts privés ou publiques en solo/duo et full band (4 musiciens) selon l'ambiance souhaitée.
N'hésitez pas à faire votre demande détaillée en envoyant un e-mail à l'adresse ci-dessous.

Booking :
Phone (BE): +32 - 494 542 660

Quelques scènes passées:
Fiesta City Festival (BE)
Cali Club (BE)
Blues Sphere (BE)
The Vintage Brussels (BE)
The Crazy Circle (BE)
American Style Music Festival Cerexhe (BE)
Country Woman Day (BE)
Wine Shack (BE)
Visagino Country (LT)
Country Music Festival de Craponne (FR)
The Swan (UK)
The Foresters Pub (UK)
Hasting Police Social Club (UK)
Harpers Pub (UK)
Rock Festival du Sanglier (FR)
Le Lion Rouge (BE)
Country Blues Café (FR)
Atelier Rock (BE)
Irish Times Pub (BE)
Brian O'Briens Pub (USA)
Molly's Bar (USA),
O'Niell's Pub (USA),
Rythm'n'Blues Club (USA),
Editions Le Lombard (BE)...

A partagé l'affiche avec: Sarah Jory (UK), Marty Stuart (USA), The Memphis P. Tails (USA), Country Cooking (FR)...

Plain Jane Music


Plain Jane, a Belgian Alternative Country Band, has been working out their new album for the last 6 months. This group of experienced musicians toured with the biggest names in Europe. Their strength is based on a long-time friendship and on their love of Folk Music.

Julie Compagnon, her lead singer, ended the first “The Voice” in Belgium as runner up. She is now best known for the National TV and Radio shows she appears on.

Plain Jane redefines the Belgian Style Folk by incorporating country, new wave, acoustic, indie-pop as well as roots-rock. This influential Belgian quintet brilliantly melded their love of artists as disparate as Sheryl Crow, James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, and Portishead.

Often cited as one of the alt-country genre’s most important bands in Belgium, Plain Jane’s tour enjoyed a great audience during 2019.

Julie Compagnon : Lead
Christophe Pons : Lead guitar
Mylene L Chamblain : Acoustic guitar
Olivier Fanuel : Bass
Xavier Bouillon : Keyboards
Raphael Pire : Drums